Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Custom Order _4 Teatime Envelope Clutch Wallet_Jida

Jida told me, Koin likes green polka dots very much!

with compartment

I am sure Jida also likes polka dots!

lined with small small dots, and with compartment as well.
back view

Green base with white polka dots
lined with japanese floral cotton
with compartment

She likes elephant too :)
I create this elephant for her, and she likes it!
hand stitch by me :)
lined with white polka dots with pink base (I'm so sure she likes polka dots a lot!)
back view, simple... but nice

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mini Reversible Wrist Bag/ 可爱双面单环包/ Sold out

我采用浅蓝底配上可爱小红花做包包的另一面 :)

Custom Order_Samsung S3 Mini Pouch

朋友特选了这块可爱猫咪布来做Samsung S3 Mini Pouch要来送马来同胞的妈妈,还特别交代缝上她的名字 ‘fadilah’。希望 aunty fadilah会喜欢 :)   


size: 8cm X 14cm